Rooms & Suites

A panoramic view

The hotel, which has a southerly aspect, is on a promontory that overlooks the resort.
This means that there is nothing to obstruct the exceptional view of the Grand Combin (4,314 m), Mont Vélan (3,734 m) and the Alps, which can be seen from most of the rooms and the terrace.

Apartment - Chalet d'Adrien


Suites - Chalet d'Adrien


Savoleyres Rooms - Chalet d'Adrien

Savoleyres Rooms

Combins Prestige Rooms - Chalet d'Adrien

Combins Prestige Rooms

The Chalet d'Adrien - Combins Panorama Rooms

Combins Panorama Rooms

Charming Rooms - Chalet d'Adrien

Charming Attic Rooms