Les piques-niques à la montagne à Verbier

picnic menus

Lunch Picnic in the mountains or in the vineyard

Packed picnic baskets prepared by Sebastiano Lombardi

“TRADITION” basket / 45.-Chf

Small Sandwiches, Ham and Cheese, Foie gras, Pastries

“FRESH” basket / 45.-Chf

Nicoise Salad, Caprese Salad with Mozzarella di Buffala, Aosta Ham and Melon, Fresh Fruit Salad

“GOURMAND” basket / 60.-Chf

Tuna Tataki, Cucumber, Capers and Tomatoes, Burrata, Cherry Tomatoes, Pesto and Taggiasche
Olives Dried meat, Focaccia with rosemary and sheep cheese, Beef tartare, Hazelnuts, Capers and Spicy sauce
Apricot tart

The braserades & grilladeset

Beef and Poultry Braserade / 60.-Chf

Installed by us at the rendezvous point picnic in the mountain

“GRILL” basket / 60.-Chf

Large Meat & Sausage Skewers Chips, Tomatoes & Fruit

To take away for grilling with wood fire in a picnic area arranged (Val de Bagnes towards the dam of Mauvoisin, Le Hatay in the forest in Verbier, Vers La Fouly and near the lake of Champex…)

Pique nique au Chalet d'Adrien Verbier